Substantiv [die]



    die Wissenschaft von der Gestaltung und Konstruktion von Bauwerken.

    "Architektur studieren"


    die Gestaltung eines Bauwerks.

    "die kühne Architektur einer Brücke"



    "die gotische/neoklassische/romanische Architektur"

Sometimes a smaller difference leads to an even bigger dissonance in composing elements.

The draft for the guest pavillon will try to find a form that is different to the existing structure so that the overall impression will contain a harmonic composition of massive, opaque and formal parts combined with lightweight, modern and fluid forms.

The structure is formed by putting carbonfiber beams in the ground that point to the sky in different angles. Due to this method, materials anf financial resources that outherwise would be needed in a massive foundation of a building can be spared.

A double-layered textile membrane with a waxed upper layer that is sustained b the beams can contain a thermic isolation an so become a shelter from wind and weather.

Bed, table and other furniture can be arranged as it pleases the guests.

A small corridor to the existing house is equipped with sanitary rooms.

The new structure can be read as an 'architectural parasite' that docks on to the 'host' and draws electricity, internet-connection and heat.

The international scholars can get the feeling of old-time scientist that had to travel far and live in tents to get her or his places of research and experience the excitement of these days.